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I'm loving Rails Stimulus; check out this example.

Posted Feb 27, 2023

I'm working on a site that has a left column for navigation. Standard stuff. But I wanted a simple control that lets you hide and show the left column.

When I first started using Stimulus, I would create a left_column_controller.js. Within it, in the connect() and disconnect() methods I would add and remove listeners. It worked, but it was verbose and I wasn't enjoying Stimulus. Later, I refactored all my stimulus controllers to extract common interactions. Now I finally "get" Stimulus and I'm loving it!

Check out this example; it's so simple and useful. When I want a special interaction on my page, I create a CSS class that I can add to the element in order to trigger the change I want. For example, adding "hide" collapses the left sidebar, adding "show" reveals additional fields on a form. Here is how I define this collapsible sidebar:

<div data-controller="transition" data-transition-toggle-class="hidden">
  <div id="sidebar" class="flex" data-transition-target="transitionable">...</div>
  <button name="close" type="button" data-action="transition#toggleClass" />

It's simple, but that's what I love about it. I use this in a half dozen places. Here is the full transition controller.

// transition_controller.js

export default class extends Controller {
  static classes = [ "toggle" ]
  static targets = [ "transitionable" ]
  static values = { afterTimeout: Number }

  connect() {
    if (this.afterTimeoutValue) setTimeout(() => this.toggleClass(), this.afterTimeoutValue)

  toggleClass() {
    this.transitionableTargets.forEach(element => {
      this.toggleClasses.forEach(className => {

Below is a short video so you can see all the different interactions I get from it; you can see just how versatile this is.

Check out how versatile this is!

When I started thinking this way, it led me to extract multiple reusable controllers like this.

This part of my rails open-source ChatGPT app called HostedGPT. You can find the project on GitHub if you want to use it or help contribute to making it better!

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